We believe our agency should come up with unique ways of promoting our work by creating fun campaigns for everyone to enjoy. We’re always pushing our Cayman and international clients to think outside the box and to strive to create entertaining and genuinely engaging marketing activity, so we should lead by example. That’s why we spend our evenings and weekends creating silly things like Spam Heroes. And Cupid’s Brand Guidelines. And Chicken Foundation.

Please know that we’re still a very serious Cayman creative agency.

SpamHeroes.com imagines a number of classic styles of email spam as real people. We built a contest website that profiles these spammers and invites users to ‘upvote’ or ‘downvote’ each one in a live voting system.

We delivered over 500 postcards to local businesspeople promoting the different spammers found on the website. The cards had postal stamps affixed and invited the recipient to ‘spam’ their friends by posting the card. The campaign was shared locally and internationally, driving awareness of our agency and traffic to our website.

Click here and vote for the Greatest Spammer of All Time now.