We thought it would be remiss to launch the new Chicken Elections campaign and not post a small update to let any new visitors know why our blog is so, so out of date. Full disclosure: we’ve been busy and we stopped writing blog posts.


This week Massive Media welcomed a new member to our merry band of misfits.


You could do very costly damage to your brand and your business if you make the mistake of letting ‘low cost’ guide your approach.

Benefits of Google AdWords

Did you know that 90% of all Google searches are for products and services? Now imagine your business being at the top of those search results when a prospective customer is looking for your product or service.

The Couch: The first step in your rebrand

Is it possible to create a brand that will establish a distinctive and compelling position for the firm? Absolutely. But the key point is that it all starts with gathering information.

Deal with it, don’t delete it!

Social media can be a powerful tool for a business. It can help them connect and engage with current and prospective clients, increase brand awareness, website traffic and sales.

In Praise of the Side Project

More than an old proverb or a memorable line from The Shining, the maxim ‘All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’ is a great guide for living a full life. Either by accident or design we at Massive Media embrace this in our work, and our play.

The Problem with Market Research in Cayman

Despite the lucrative financial market and the presence of multinational companies in Cayman, market research specific to the islands is relatively rare. Why?

Remote offices, technology, and your brand

One of the most amazing things about technology is its capacity to connect us, regardless of physical distance or location. This remote accessibility provides incredible flexibility in business, especially when it comes to which kind of office setup you want.

Branding. It’s not about the logo.

You are doing it wrong if you just consider the logo or the website or the suite of marketing materials to be your ‘brand’.

What is Responsive Web Design and Why Should I Consider It?

The number of mobile Internet users is on the increase, but how suitable is your website for your customers on mobile devices?

Our next campaign is coming…

It has now been almost a year since Chicken Foundation and it’s definitely time for our next campaign.

3 Winning Reasons to Make the Switch to Digital Signage

Electronic signage and electronic menu boards combine the best of modern technology to give your business a heaped helping of benefits.

Two marketing awards for our agency

We were honoured with two marketing awards by the Cayman Islands Marketing Professionals Association (CIMPA). The awards, presented at a CIMPA event held at the Marriott Grand Cayman on the evening of 22 May, 2015, were for Best of Brand and People’s Choice.

Clearing up Google’s Mobile-Friendly Update

Google has updated its search algorithm concerning the mobile readiness of a webpage. Even among fellow marketers, there seems to be as much misinformation on the topic as there is information.

We Killed Our Sacred Cow

The lead up to a new year brings with it the inevitable push of social media content. You know what we are talking about… posts on productivity, goal setting, making and keeping resolutions and the like.

5 Reasons Why We Support Charitable Causes

One of the things we are passionate about here at Massive Media is celebrating the diverse range of causes that exist within our small community.

How (and why) is social media changing business today?

Social media is changing the business landscape at an ever-increasing rate – what’s happening and why now?

Pay to play, the new reality for business on Facebook

Pay to play is the new reality for businesses on Facebook. Find out why it’s happening and how your business can take advantage of it.

Web design trends in 2014

Website design in Cayman and all around the world is going through a sea change and we love it. Here’s some of the ways the design trends are changing for 2014.

The Cupid Launch Campaign

Phew – It’s been a pretty manic few weeks here at MM.

When news isn’t news – news blogs credibility

The perils of the news blogosphere.

4 steps to getting your social (media) life back  on track.

Massive what now?

It all started over margaritas at a local Mexican restaurant and continued with the three of us making a mess while painting our new offices.