Our team mixes wide industry experience with an agency culture that promotes unique ideas as the key advantage in a noisy world of marketing. We build budgets, strategies and marketing calendars based on corporate goals, and we use KPIs and regular reporting to track progress towards those goals.

It seems an obvious point, but thoughtful strategy should be put into all marketing activities. A key feature of Massive Media service is that we provide recommendations to clients, and do not just take task instructions. Whether it is a social media contest, a new product launch, or targeting increased overall market share and growth, we take the overarching goal from our client and then prepare a strategic approach for how best to achieve this goal. We always emphasise out-of-the-box or original approaches that is not quirky for the sake of it, but finds creative and noticeable ways of achieving goals in what is a very noisy and saturated marketing landscape.

Some of our retainer clients rely on us for long-term budget and strategic direction with marketing and communications, and all clients look to us to provide thoughtful and intelligent strategies to complete even the smallest task. As the marketing experts, it is our role with our clients to advise them how to get to their goal, we do not just take suggestions about how it is done already. This process often involves creating internal competing teams, who will then devise different strategies for reaching a goal, creating an initial sandbox for ideas before we present and start testing in the market.