The lines between digital and social are blurred, and we leverage cross-platform opportunities in social media, online advertising and data-driven audience targeting. We are always learning in order to stay current with the constantly changing digital landscape, and give our clients complete transparency in what we are doing behind the scenes to drive their results.

Digital and social media is a rapidly changing environment, has wild potential for ROI, and an almost limitless potential for detail in audience targeting and conversion. Like web design, while we are constantly working to stay current with technology and back-end developments, we retain fundamental principles to how we manage our digital and social activities – integration with other activities, detailed audience targeting, striking and appropriate design, and dynamic tracking/updating of activities.

In addition to a social media manager, our developer, designers and account managers all work with our social and digital platforms to ensure that everyone is well-informed, cross-checking and critically evaluating client activities. There are implications for conversion rates, design, audience targeting, legal risks and complimentary activities that all benefit from this multidisciplinary approach to client accounts or campaigns.