We are the only agency with a professionally qualified market research team in Cayman. We work with clients to deduce the fundamental research question, provide transparent methodologies for how we will meet the research goals, and generate high-quality data with plain language reporting and recommendations.

Our research department is led by Rich Dyer who possesses an MA in Applied Research and wrote his thesis on phenomenology in research (the process of creating data sets from subjective data, valuable in measuring brand perceptions).

Each research project is unique, and we get clients to focus on what the question(s) is that they want to be answered. It is then the researcher’s job to devise the methodology to meet this goal. We use rigor in every stage of the project from methodological planning, through execution, analysis and reporting. We write plain language reports with clear and direct summaries for executives to understand conclusions and insights quickly and clearly. This is backed-up with exhaustive data and detailed analysis for the few who really love reading the complicated bits of these reports.

By definition, market research is confidential and hard to present in portfolio. So, in 2019 we executed Chicken Elections, a public research study and published the full report online for all to see the quality of our work.