3 Winning Reasons to Make the Switch to Digital Signage

In any customer-facing business, there’s one cost driver that no one likes to deal with:

Updating signage.

Anyone with experience in retail and foodservice will tell you that handling large sign boards and keeping everything up-to-date can be a pain, and often overlooked. That’s why experienced and savvy restaurant owners and retailers in the Cayman Islands, the Caribbean, and across North America are making the switch to a digital signage and digital menu boards.

Electronic signage and electronic menu boards combine the best of modern technology to give your business a heaped helping of benefits. At Massive Media we have developed an industry leading solution for clients – here are 3 ways it can boost your business.

1. The Best Pricing in the Industry

Most digital signage or electronic menu board companies charge recurring fees to their clients, just to keep signs updated and operating every month. Massive Media offers full, independent control to business owners, complete with installation, for no ongoing charges. That’s something no competitor can match.

2. Manage All Menus from One Place

Massive Media empowers business owners to design their signs and menus just right. Clients can take advantage of flexible layouts; timed changes for different messages; live updates to any number of screens from one central location; and more. No matter how many locations you run, a single click can revise all your digital signage or digital menu boards.

3. Built to Survive Internet & Power Outages

For better or worse, the Caribbean and the Cayman Islands are set a little off the beaten path. Reliable power isn’t always an option. At Massive Media, we understand this struggle, and we’ve designed a solution to accommodate businesses in all locations. After a power outage, digital signs come back online with no information loss. If the internet goes down, then digital menu boards keep working as normal. In fact, our digital signage only requires an internet connection when you’re updating a menu or scheduling displays.

With some initial up-front equipment costs it can be tough to decide whether to migrate to digital signage, but the benefits are huge. Eliminate printing costs and management time, and upgrade to a modern and attractive signage solution that can be updated remotely with the click of a button. Talk to Massive Media about digital signage, just one of the ways we can take your business to the next level.