5 reasons why your business could benefit from a podcast

Creating a podcast is a lot easier than most people think. It’s also a successful way to get your brand name out there and reach a larger audience. It is a less conventional form of marketing, but a great way to grow and get your message to new prospective clients.

In the last few years podcasting has become an integral and valuable part of many business’ marketing plans. Podcasting has very little technical requirements and can be done from a quiet space in an office with a microphone and a laptop, or even your phone!

Today we wanted to go through 5 reasons why your business could benefit from a podcast.

1. Reach a wider audience and demographic
It’s a completely new way to reach an audience, and maybe even a new demographic of prospective clients. Podcasting has become the go to medium when looking for insight on a specific topic or wanting to learn more about something business related. Why not share your expertise, your knowledge and give back to your audience? Along with creating high value content through blog posts, how about creating the content into a podcast episode? Not everyone likes to sit and read (maybe they don’t have time) and some people prefer to listen to audio versions in the car, at the gym or even at work. It’s a new channel you open up for people to find you and see how valuable you are.

2. Business Development
Depending on what kind of business you are in, it may take a few people to come together and brainstorm ideas and topics to talk about on the podcast. This is a great way for colleagues and groups to come together as a team building exercise and also to get creative and think of new ideas for the business. Some people may even go outside of their comfort zone through speaking on the podcast. Public speaking is a big fear for many, but podcasting can help ease individuals into this new world of communication.

3. Affordable, Easy and Quick
Starting a podcast can be as easy as buying a $50 microphone on Amazon and installing GarageBand or Audacity on your laptop. In a matter of hours you can be setup to start recording your first episode. The fact you don’t have to be looking into a camera or setup lighting saves so much time. You can even setup zoom calls with guests and record them for the podcast. The editing process is pretty simple and all you need to do is upload the audio file to your hosting service provider, add a description and publish. You are live!

4. Building Awareness and Authority in your field
These days there are podcasts that talk about almost anything. No matter what business you are in, everyone has something to say and this medium can be a great way to get your message out there. People want to hear stories and advice on different topics they are interested in. How about having different employees speak up about their experience with different issues going on in the market, or about campaigns you have done. The skies the limit and there may be someone out there that needs to hear your message and advice. All of this allows for brand awareness and for you to potentially become a voice of authority in your field.

5. Connecting with clients (existing and new)

Clients love hearing what companies (big and small) have to say about their experiences in their field. How about interviewing your client about a campaign or project you worked on with them? This is a great way for prospective clients to hear how you work and how you can potentially help them. 

Whatever your reasons are for starting a podcast, maybe it’s time to think outside of the box and try something new. Create your own voice, valuable content and share experiences for prospective clients to see what your business is about. Podcasting can be such a great (and new) way for the audience to really get to know you, your values and understand what you do.