Creative and responsive Cayman agency built for retainer clients

We have always been a little bit different in our agency approach here at Massive Media. Perhaps because none of the founders ever worked for an agency we had a keen sense of what clients were looking for. You learn much having to sit on the other side of the table. We knew when we started that we had the creativity to be successful. We also knew that we were impatient as clients in the past so we should be super responsive as an agency. This is what has proven to be the hallmark of our agency.

Time, as they say, is money, and we strongly believe that a client should not wait for a response from their agency, and they will not wait on a reply from us. If anything we tend to be faster than clients expect but we tend to think that this is a good thing. So how do we capitalise on this for our clients? Well, our preferred way of working is by having clients on a retainer basis. Of course we do one-off jobs and project work, but the majority of our clients are on a retainer setup which is beneficial to both our company and our clients.

What is a retainer agreement? Well, a client is billed based on a pre-set number of hours in a month for a scope of potential works that are determined, as with the hours, typically by having worked with the client for a while on a simple hourly basis. By working on retainer vs hourly we are able to better plan our business staffing resources.

This approach may seem counterintuitive and some may say that the incentive is there for the agency to ‘pad’ the hours to hit the agreed retainer monthly. How do we counter that argument? Well, we see our relationship with retainer clients as more of a relationship over time than a transaction that may not be repeated. Retainer clients have typically been using our services on an ongoing basis and there is a need for ongoing marketing services. We become the outsourced marketing department, one with collectively more skill than hiring one in-house marketing person. Trust is established and we are able to participate in longer term strategic thinking. We understand the client and the client gets us. More importantly the client becomes keenly aware that we are economical with our, in fact, their time, that every minute of the retainer is productive time in service of their marketing needs, and that as a retainer client their work is prioritised in our workflow.

How does a client know that every minute is productive time? Well, we track it. To the second. Where some agencies may have a 5, 10 or 15 minute increment in their billing timers, we have ours set to a one second minimum. This gives our clients the best value for the time they are billed. Additionally, reports are available monthly detailing how every second of the retainer was spent. We are completely accountable for the time. This seems like common sense to us and our clients love the approach.

If your organisation has ongoing marketing needs vs one off projects, or if you are seeking to bolster your in-house capabilities with a trusted, creative, responsive digital marketing agency, drop a line to and lets start a conversation.