We thought it would be remiss to launch the new Chicken Elections campaign and not post a small update to let any new visitors know why our blog is so, so out of date. Full disclosure: we’ve been busy and we stopped writing blog posts.

For those not familiar with our work, we do a little more than run satirical election campaigns for avian beings. We are a full service marketing agency, meaning that we have all the marketing functions in house and specialise in providing long-term retainer services to clients in the Cayman Islands. We basically act as an external marketing department, providing either a slice of specialist services (especially design and development work), or a complete marketing department that deals with long term strategy, budgets, brand management and all the medium to small tasks that make up day-to-day marketing.

As well as retainer work, we also enjoy tackling large individual marketing projects. We have an outstanding creative and development team, and an incomparable research department in Cayman. We enjoy regular brand, development and research projects, and those often prove to be the introductions that lead to long-term retainers with clients.

We are big on culture here, and enjoying our work is as important as turning out high quality work. Our culture words are Active, Learning and Joy, and without going into (nearly enough) detail, those underpin the decisions that we make as an operation.

If you are new here, and want to find out a little more about what we do, send an email to hello@massivemedialtd.com and we will take it from there.