Massive what now?

Massive Media! We are a creative agency based in Grand Cayman that loves all things creative, digital and social. Our names are David, Pavel and Rich and we started our agency to work on exciting projects, create work we’re proud of and, most importantly, have fun while we’re at it. While we may only be three, we have a selection of talented friends who join us for bigger projects allowing us to scale up and down as needed.

It all started over margaritas at a local Mexican restaurant and continued with the three of us making a mess while painting our new offices. In between those things we did some boring administration tasks that we’re all thankful are over. If you look at the Makeit section of our site it’ll show you some of our past work, and if you look in the Massive section you’ll see a bit more about us, here we get to tell you about our REAL priorities.

An awesome coffee machine:

This literally dominated at least two meetings while we were planning the company, we are ecstatic to inform you that we have a shiny red and silver thing that creates delicious espressos.

A mini fridge:

Still a point of contention as I write this post as philosophical differences on the contents of the fridge persist. Frankly, this writer thinks you can get water out of a tap but has NEVER heard the same about beer.

Fruity computers:

Woo, we got them, and they are huge! Angry Birds was meant to be played this way.

Company Jeeps:

Boo, not got them, not even a little bit. Incentive inshmentive.

Rosetta Stone (English):

Jokes about Pavel’s accent will never get old.

We hope you enjoy looking around our site. Naturally we’d love to hear from you so please feel free to use any of the methods in the footer of this page and say hello! MM.