Social media consulting is something we like to do a little differently. We don’t take over accounts, we train our clients to manage them effectively and efficiently, providing oversight, feedback and updates as needed. The advantages of this approach are both the lower cost to our clients and the more genuine and engaging execution of their social media.

We work with clients through a 4 step process which we agree in detail before we start any project;

Stage 1

Planning: We need to understand the client’s business strategy and work together to see how social media can work within that framework. Working out together the who, what, why, when and how of the project.

Stage 2

The set up: Getting all the team together from our side and the client’s to make sure everyone clearly understands the project roles and goals. We host initial seminars to bring any team members up to speed on all things social and create a manual to help guide the client’s activities. Client team members are already generating content and receiving active feedback and direction.

Stage 3

Management and training: We launch and refresh all the client’s accounts and manage all accounts in the short term. Content is provided by the client’s elected social media team which is evaluated and guided as part of their training. We also host specific training sessions depending on the client’s needs such as specific social media types, photography, copywriting, contest design, etc.

Stage 4

Handover and oversight: The final goal for all our clients, to takeover the management of their own accounts with confidence and a clear understanding of their strategy and approach. We continue to provide oversight, only intervening if there are issues or emergencies to deal with. We also provide quarterly reviews and planning sessions as well as sending our clients any updates to social media guidelines and are available 24/7(ish!) for any questions or assistance.