All the chickens have been given names, but you can still raise money for the National Trust! We’ll still donate 25¢ every time this website is shared on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn up to a maximum of $500 to add to the $500 already raised from the ‘adoptions’. Have a look through the gallery below to see the 100 newly named chickens and their personalities.


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  • East End
  • George town
  • Seven Mile Beach
  • South sound
  • West bay
  • seestra chicken
    Developing a chicken form of sign language. One word and DONE!
  • Foghorn leghorn
    Will always regret turning down a lucrative offer from Le coq sportif.
  • TOm-Tom
    Caribbean chicken-statue champion in 2011 and 2012.
  • 4pc Tenders
    Demonstrating the beautiful art of chicken four play.
  • Lone ranger
    Loves to feel the grass between her toes (Eww, chicken toes..!)
  • Chicken Little
    Still not quite sure if they're a boy or a girl...
  • Dinner
    Purveyor of the highly controversial 'Doggie McNuggets'.
  • chinese honey chicken
    Hardcore yoga enthusiast.
    Dances the fandango.
  • Charlotte
    Creative Director for Massive Media Ltd.
  • Fred and Ginger
    Stars of the viral video 'Two chickens, one neck'.
  • Barbie
    Adamantly refuses to acknowledge the existence of chicken nuggets.
  • Mary Kate & Ashley
    Identical twin chickens! (Don't examine the picture too carefully...).
    Do you know how hard it is to come up with 100 chicken personalities!?
    Back to back winner of Sexiest Chicken award. Allegations of corruption abound.
  • azzerd
    Enjoys making noise for no reason
  • who is their daddy?
    Her great, great uncle was a zebra.
  • Penelope
    Has a really fowl mouth (GEDDIT?!?).
  • John Doe
    A master of camouflage (in her own mind).
  • tuutuu
    Only eats organic insects.
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