Chicken Foundation was created to support the National Trust for the Cayman Islands while also bringing a little awareness to our wild, feathered friends who live in abundance on our islands.

The Foundation was started by Massive Media, our relatively new creative agency in Cayman. We figured that creating fun campaigns while raising money for a local nonprofit organisations would be a unique way of promoting our agency. We are also subliminally convincing you to call us with your next lucrative project. If you have read this far then it is already too late to resist. Sorry.

Thank you to CML TV for joining us with this campaign and creating the teaser campaign video free of charge. Please help to make a difference and make a donation of your own to the National Trust, they do very important (and often thankless) work protecting the history and biodiversity of the Cayman Islands and every penny helps.

No chickens were harmed in the creation of Chicken Foundation.

Visit the National Trust for the Cayman Islands