DMS Governance

We were retained for marketing services with DMS in 2016, and in 2017 undertook a rebranding project simultaneous to their very active marketing schedule.

Marketing Retainer. Rebrand. Web Design.

DMS Governance originally hired us as they had a basic brand identity. We were tasked with managing marketing and to create a seamless brand with brand guidelines to insure cohesion across their global offices, as a fast growing firm they needed much more than the logo and minimal brand identity they had.

We have worked with DMS Governance since 2016, in 2017 we managed their rebranding project. We expanded their brand identity across digital, tangible assets, and events -reflecting their professionalism and reputation. When their branding was completed we continued to provide vast and wide ongoing support in design, web development, strategy and event production and other related marketing efforts. They have a very active and demanding marketing schedule which we manage very closely to ensure their reputation as a reputable, trustworthy and enjoyable organisation is maintained. Timing for undertaking their rebrand in 2017 was paramount as they were underway with international expansion.