FTI Capital Management

Strategy. Creative.

We were engaged by the Cayman office of FTI consulting to coordinate the launch of FTI Capital Management, a new financial product/service to fund governance in the Cayman Islands. The product was distinct of existing alternatives and had many advantages, however the challenge was that the target market we needed to communicate with was very busy fund lawyers (and to an extent, equally busy fund managers) – an inherently difficult market sector to communicate with effectively.

After meeting with some close lawyer connections to get background and insight on how to communicate with them, we focussed on a few strategies to reach this difficult target market. The overall idea was to communicate in multiple engaging ways, and to choose the closest and most gregarious lawyer contacts as our initial targets.

We created a 360 degree video experience explaining the features of FTI Capital Management, and created branded custom VR headsets to use with all smartphones. We printed luxurious, silk-coated, and highly succinct flyers, and created a stand alone website that went into the most detail. Our target lawyers were invited out to lunch, and partners from FTI took them through the new service, leaving them with the flyer that could be easily referred to. While at lunch, another of the FTI team delivered a custom VR headset to the lawyer’s office so it would be waiting after the lunch. Later that day, an email was sent thanking them for lunch, and linking to the landing page.

The campaign was very successful, and FTI global even used it as a case study for how to engage local agencies (FTI is a huge global company where most/all marketing is usually done in house). The strategy was exciting and unique, and we communicated in person, via a flyer, with a gift, via email, and via a website. It allowed us to be effective with our targets no matter what form of communication they reacted to best, gave them a fun experience, and left them with a branded keepsake to use with their families.