Kirk Freeport - Cartier Boutique Grand Opening

Event Design. Creative.

Organised the exclusive Cartier Grand Opening event of the new Cartier shop at Bayshore Mall in coordination with Cartier and Kirk Freeport.

Worked directly with Cartier to coordinate all aspects of the event, ensuring that everything was on brand and exemplified the exclusivity of Cartier.

We managed the budget, contacting and instructions with all vendors, conducted site visits of the venue and visited many organizations to secure decor, canapés, cocktails and entertainment that would bring the event to life. This included:

  • designing and coordinating invitations
  • artwork and printing
  • installation of the red carpet
  • hand selecting flowers & gifts
  • hiring servers, security guards, valet parking attendants
  • hiring a DJ, live entertainment, photographers & videographer
  • writing a press releases & inviting press to the event

The evening was attended by 95 guests and was well received by all – the entertainment, food, drinks and overall atmosphere created an evening to remember!