Kirk Freeport

Creating a new responsive website for Cayman’s premier luxury retailer.

Marketing Services. Web Design.

Creating a new responsive website for Cayman’s premier luxury retailer. The website was used as part of the establishment of the updated look and feel for the company. After launching the website the relationship expanded into a full service marketing retainer.

The website was designed to be clean and easy to navigate from any device. Retail customers can be visiting for broad information or looking for the address of a store while on the move, so all info had to be easily and clearly accessible. Content was organised into a hierarchy with the most popular and searched brands per category given priority on the homepage.

The website had a number of unique features. A gift registry function was added with password gate and integration with all store POS for real time updates. A ‘nearest store’ function was added to direct users to their nearest store based on their IP address location. Users could request info on specific brands (directing to the correct client departments on the back end), and video highlights for each store location were used on their specific page. Lastly, a small analogue (but actually digital) clock element was included through the site to remind users of the market dominance in timepieces that Kirk Freeport enjoys.

The website had to respect the guidelines of scores of international brands, so we worked with a very high number of stakeholders to realise the final site.