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Launching the grand opening of OceanMed, the first and only healthcare facility in the Cayman Islands that focuses exclusively on women’s health. The client wanted to open the facility and start having both patients scheduling appointments and doctors sending referrals for imaging immediately.

We proposed having two separate grand opening events – one catering to medical professionals across the Island the other for the general public. These two separate grand opening events allowed OceanMed to inform and educate the two segments of their target market with the benefits and unique attributes of the facility. For medical professionals we showcased the state-of the art equipment and facility, for patients we showcased the benefits of the equipment to them and the spa-like facility designed with sensory elements to ease and alleiviate anxiety and tension during appointments.

In addition to the grand opening events we developed a launch campaign to generate brand awareness and recognition throughout the Islands. This included, a press release, digital, print, radio, cinema adverts, interviews, and private tours of the facility. This was done in order to ensure brand awareness was developed and to reach all segments of the market.